Trauma Informed Massage Therapy

Trauma informed massage is a massage therapy practice that approaches each session with the knowledge that everyone has experienced trauma. Trauma can be from physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse. It can come from loss or betrayal. Trauma can be caused by war zones or car accidents and doesn't have constraints or restrictions. What is … Continue reading Trauma Informed Massage Therapy

Sinking into Deep Tissue Massage

I preform a lot of deep tissue massage and I pride myself on the amount of pressure and depth I'm able to achieve. It takes a lot of work and nuance to really sink into the tissue, to soften the outer layers and get deep into where the adhesions and muscle tension tends to hide. … Continue reading Sinking into Deep Tissue Massage

At Home Self-care

"Self-care is healthcare"is a mantra I find myself frequently repeating in my life. As a massage therapist, I feel that massage is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and I also recognize that it's not the only tool you should have in your tool belt! Self-care isn't about pampering yourself of … Continue reading At Home Self-care

Moms Need Massage

Being a mom is hard work. Day in and day out at the beck and call of a tiny, or not so tiny, human(s). In the early days of motherhood there's a lot of lifting, a lot of bending, a lot of stress and very little sleep. If you're a nursing mama, there's the added … Continue reading Moms Need Massage

How I Became a Massage Therapist

Massage chose me. During the darkest and scariest times of my life it was this beautiful teacher that showed me my value when I struggled to see it in myself. Through the gift of massage I am able to pass the healing I received to others.