*Savannah Rose Mobile Massage offers In home massage by appointment only!*

In home massage services or event bookings can be scheduled online by clicking here, by emailing or calling (620)228-0449.

Swedish Massage

45 min: 90 | 60 min: 120 | 90 min: 175 | 120 min: 225

A gentle relaxing massage that is customized to meet your needs. The calming effects of this massage can facilitate reduction of stress and anxiety as well as blood pressure. Swedish Massage allows the brain to reach a harmonious state that is conductive to healing in both the body and the mind. Tension is cleared and you are able to relax and reach a state of calm.

Deep Tissue Massage

45 min: 90 | 60 min: 120 | 90 min: 175 | 120 min: 225

Savannah manipulates the muscles in specifically and intentionally to achieve desired outcomes. Those outcomes typically range from increasing range of motion to decreasing pain and discomfort. Deep Tissue massage works on accessing the deeper layers of the facia and muscular structures in order to release underlying tension and adhesions in the body.

Nuero-muscular Therapy (Trigger Point)

45 min: 90 |60 min: 120 | 90 min: 175 | 120 min: 225

A massage technique focused on overcoming chronic unhealthy muscular patterns and addressing specific long standing adhesions. During a Neuro-muscular Therapy session communication between the therapist and client is of the utmost importance. Savannah palpates, communicates with and walks the client through deep breathing exercises while contacting exact points of pain and tension to facilitate the release of locked up muscle tissue. Neuro-muscular therapy concisely addresses both the body and the nervous system. Allowing the nervous system of the client to heal the body by increasing awareness.

Polarity Therapy (Energy Work)

45 min: 90 |60 min: 120 |90 min: 175

An energy technique that works to restore the body to balance using the bodies negative and positive energy poles. Savannah uses energy manipulation techniques in addition to hands on stillness and rocking that clear energetic blockages and brings the body into a harmonious state. You can book Polarity as a short add-on treatment or experience it in a Holistic healing session.

Holistic Healing Session

45 min: 90 | 60 min: 120 |90 min: 175 | 120 min: 225

A combination of energy and hands on massage therapy work used to address the physical and energetic bodies. Holistic healing sessions work with the chakras and natural energetic points to bring healing and balance to the whole self.

The Spa Experience (Call to Book)

70 min | 175

A relaxing foot soak in a custom blend of epsom salts, herbs and essentials oils transforms your home into an oasis. Your feet are soaked in the custom blend, as the room is prepared for your massage. Savannah massages and dries your feet, after which, you get onto the table for the rest of your treatment. Half-way through the massage, your face is washed, and a mask is applied. As the mask dries on your face, you receive 20 minutes of Swedish massage. Savannah removes the mask and applies toner and moisturizer to the skin. the session finishes with relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.

Foot Soak

add-on only | 20

You submerge your feet into a tub of warm water with Epsom Salts and a custom blend of herbs and essential oils. Your feet are soaked as the table is prepared. After set up is complete your feet are massaged and dried and the session begins.

Facial Massage and Treatment

add-on only | 40

You receive a facial treatment half-way through the massage. The face is washed and a mask is applied. As the mask dries, you receive 20 minutes of massage. The mask is removed and toner and moisturizer are used.

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