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Sinking into Deep Tissue Massage

I preform a lot of deep tissue massage and I pride myself on the amount of pressure and depth I'm able to achieve. It takes a lot of work and nuance to really sink into the tissue, to soften the outer layers and get deep into where the adhesions and muscle tension tends to hide. … Continue reading Sinking into Deep Tissue Massage

Covid-19 Update

I hope everyone is finding themselves well during this trying time. As the states and cities I serve begin to reopen, I wanted to update everyone on what my plan for returning to work and seeing clients looks like. I have been closely following the news, medical communities, local and state government officials and the … Continue reading Covid-19 Update

Coronavirus Safety Precautions

In response to recent recommendations Savannah Rose Mobile Massage will be closed until further notice in an attempt to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infection rates. Thank you for your understanding during this trying time. If you would like to help support my business during this time please purchase gift certificates to be redeemed after … Continue reading Coronavirus Safety Precautions

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a great time to focus on giving yourself the love you deserve, whether you're flying solo or happily involved with another. Because taking the time to love and appreciate yourself, helps not only you, but those around you. When we fully accept and love ourselves it's easier to give love to others. … Continue reading Love yourself this Valentine’s Day

New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2020! I'm a little behind for a post about New Year's resolutions and that's okay! One of my resolutions is to give myself the time and space I need without feeling let down for not being on a "proper" timeline. I have a few others that I'll share in this post and maybe … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

Overcome the Winter Blues

A lot of people, including yours truly, struggle with seasonal depression. Even if you don't have any mental health conditions, the cold months and lack of sunlight can have a profound effect on your mood and productivity. Historically, humans would gather together during the winter months, cozy up around a warm fire, tell stories and … Continue reading Overcome the Winter Blues

Trauma Informed Massage Therapy

Trauma informed massage is a massage therapy practice that approaches each session with the knowledge that everyone has experienced trauma. Trauma can be from physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse. It can come from loss or betrayal. Trauma can be caused by war zones or car accidents and doesn't have constraints or restrictions. What is … Continue reading Trauma Informed Massage Therapy

At Home Self-care

"Self-care is healthcare"is a mantra I find myself frequently repeating in my life. As a massage therapist, I feel that massage is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and I also recognize that it's not the only tool you should have in your tool belt! Self-care isn't about pampering yourself of … Continue reading At Home Self-care

Moms Need Massage

Being a mom is hard work. Day in and day out at the beck and call of a tiny, or not so tiny, human(s). In the early days of motherhood there's a lot of lifting, a lot of bending, a lot of stress and very little sleep. If you're a nursing mama, there's the added … Continue reading Moms Need Massage