Savannah Rose Mobile Massage provides trauma-informed in-home massage services in Cypress, CA.


Savannah Rose Mobile Massage offers in-home massage therapy in Cypress, CA that features a trauma-informed approach to treatment. Owner and operator Savannah Rose Hannum (CAMTC #89897) provides massage services that foster safety, compassion and connection.

Every client is approached holistically; with mental, physical and spiritual aspects being honored from start to finish. Savannah is an expert at holding space and being open to emotional releases and experience. She has six years of experience and countless hours of continuing education in addition to being a graduate of The Florida School of Massage. Savannah is constantly learning as much as she can about trauma-informed practices and believes staunchly in practicing consent in all aspects of her business and life.

Savannah Rose is dedicated to supporting you through your mental, physical and spiritual process by providing trauma-informed massage therapy and integrating energy work and chakra balancing crystals into sessions. Through healing touch and energy work, Savannah strives to bring balance to and hold space for the body, mind, heart and spirit. In-home massage adds a layer of safety that can allow for optimal healing to take place. There’s no need to get up and go after a session, allowing you to process and integrate the healing work.

Savannah’s experience with trauma and working with clients who have endured trauma allows her to approach sessions with understanding, compassion and respect.

Get your in-home massage therapy needs met in Cypress with Savannah Rose Mobile Massage.


Inappropriate speech, behavior, gestures, conduct and disrespect will not be tolerated by Savannah Rose Mobile Massage. Savannah Rose Mobile Massage reserves the right to refuse service.

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