About Savannah Rose

Mission Statement

To nurture, support and validate the experiences and wholeness of those who have experienced loss and trauma through massage and energy work.

Meet Savannah Rose

Savannah Rose Hannum graduated from The Florida School of Massage in November 2016. She founded Savannah Rose Mobile Massage in July 2017. Savannah is passionate about bodywork and trauma-informed massage therapy. She is licensed in the state of California (#89897). You can read more about her massage philosophy and journey here.

I help people heal from physical and emotional wounds through massage by creating space that invites harmony. In my practice, I work with clients to support recovery from physical, emotional, and spiritual hardships. My passion for trauma-informed massage encourages me to learn through CEU classes, research and speaking with other therapists.

Everyone brings something new to a treatment session allowing me a deeper understanding of how to support growth and change. I work with clients no matter where they may be on their journey.
The traumas I’ve overcome have encouraged my evolution in ways that allow me to support others. My recovery brings compassion, connection and understanding to your home.

-Savannah Rose Hannum, LMT

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