Moms Need Massage

Josiah Martinez

Being a mom is hard work. Day in and day out at the beck and call of a tiny, or not so tiny, human(s). In the early days of motherhood there’s a lot of lifting, a lot of bending, a lot of stress and very little sleep. If you’re a nursing mama, there’s the added weight of your breasts causing you back pain. There’s shoulder pain from holding the baby to nurse or holding them in general. Even with a supportive and helpful spouse sleep is broken and restless, and new moms don’t get the time they need to recharge and relax.

A massage can give a new mama the relief she needs from the aches and pains of motherhood and the chance to relax and recharge after long days and sleepless nights. There’s no better way to show the new mom in your life how much you love and appreciate all of her hard work than an hour of bliss and relaxation.

New mom’s aren’t the only ones who need massage, mom’s who have been at the gig for a while have different aches, pains, and stressors. Stay at home mom’s have the daily tasks to take care of, meals to cook, early hours and late nights. Toddlers wake up at all hours, kids are constantly getting sick, and teenagers keep thier parents up with worry. Working moms have the stress of a long work day in addition to coming home to kiddos who may have had a tough day at school, homework to be done, stories to tell, and an absurd amount of energy. Keeping up with kids can be both incredibly awarding and incredibly exhausting.

Moms work long hard hours, with very little time for themselves and usually not enough appreciation. In order for them to be able to give the best of themselves to thier families it’s important that they are shown how much they are loved and allowed the opportunity to relax and recieve relief from the stress and pains that motherhood can bring.

Everyone knows that Mom’s do everything and their responsibilities are endless. If we don’t slow down sometimes to take care of ourselves then who will? We have to give ourselves the best care that way we can continue giving our best to our loved ones.

-Tiffany Reed Mother of 2

Tiffany Reed and her children

Just one hour on the massage table can recharge and rejuvenate a busy mom. One hour of not worrying about the kiddos and just really being able to check in with herself and her body, relax and let everything float away. You can’t put a price on the smile she’ll have when she’s shown how much she’s appreciated and the whole family will benefit from the way she’s feeling when she gets off the table. So go ahead, show her how much she means with the gift of massage.

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