Covid-19 Update

I hope everyone is finding themselves well during this trying time. As the states and cities I serve begin to reopen, I wanted to update everyone on what my plan for returning to work and seeing clients looks like. I have been closely following the news, medical communities, local and state government officials and the … Continue reading Covid-19 Update

Sinking into Deep Tissue Massage

I preform a lot of deep tissue massage and I pride myself on the amount of pressure and depth I'm able to achieve. It takes a lot of work and nuance to really sink into the tissue, to soften the outer layers and get deep into where the adhesions and muscle tension tends to hide. … Continue reading Sinking into Deep Tissue Massage

Moms Need Massage

Being a mom is hard work. Day in and day out at the beck and call of a tiny, or not so tiny, human(s). In the early days of motherhood there's a lot of lifting, a lot of bending, a lot of stress and very little sleep. If you're a nursing mama, there's the added … Continue reading Moms Need Massage

How I Became a Massage Therapist

Massage chose me. During the darkest and scariest times of my life it was this beautiful teacher that showed me my value when I struggled to see it in myself. Through the gift of massage I am able to pass the healing I received to others.