New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2020! I’m a little behind for a post about New Year’s resolutions and that’s okay! One of my resolutions is to give myself the time and space I need without feeling let down for not being on a “proper” timeline. I have a few others that I’ll share in this post and maybe inspire you to make some resolutions of your own! This particular post might not be as massage centric as my others have been, but self-care comes in all forms and goal setting can be a part of that process.

This year I’m creating a vision board for the first time, and it’s been a lot of fun and a very inspiring process. A vision board is a great way to see the goals and aspirations you have for the year and a reminder that can keep you on track to reaching them.  I’ve gone through newspapers, magazines and photos to find words and images that are in alignment with where I’d like to be in 2020 and stuck them to a corkboard.  Some of my 2020 goals include, increasing my client base and growing my business, traveling for my personal and spiritual growth, having new and enriching experiences, growing in my community, and taking care of my emotional, physical and spiritual health. My goals aren’t incredibly specific but they do give me an idea about how I’d like the new year to go, without setting myself up for failure.

I’m already taking steps to make these goals a reality, I’ve booked and kept appointments related to my health, I’ve toured a potential building location in KC in the event I decide to have a physical shop, and I have a trip planned for March! Simply stating my goals and creating a physical representation of them helps me focus and bring those goals to life. I definitely encourage everyone to try a similar practice to bring your goals to fruition.

Let me share some resolutions and ideas on how to manifest your dreams! 

If you have a goal of taking better care of your body, one way you can make that a reality could be signing up for a massage membership. By having a recurring charge for massage, you are more likely to actually get one at least once a month! If you do use a vision board, posting an image of someone receiving bodywork is a great inspirational piece.  Another simple way to be sure you’re caring for your body could be tracking how much water you’re drinking each day or keeping a reusable water bottle with you at all times. By making sure you always have water on your person, you’re less likely to forget to drink up! A good vision board image for this goal could be a pictures of  drinking water and healthy meals.

For the fiscal minded, resolutions around financial matters are a great way to start the new year off right! For money saving goals, writing out your budget help you see where your money is going and show you where to make cuts. Some common places to trim, are convenience stores and fast-food. It’s sometimes surprising to see where your money is actually going when you look at it laid out. Some banks even offer budgeting reviewing through their apps! If you’re wanting to bring in more money, applying for new jobs, or finding a side gig may be an option. You can also sell things you create, whether that be art or products people can use! Some vision board inspirations are pictures of cash or symbols that represent money, the word “Money”, wealthy people that you look up to, and things you’d like to purchase with the extra funds.

Goals surrounding your spiritual health and well-being can have an incredible effect on the rest of your life. When we are in alignment spiritually, other aspects of life can be less overwhelming and easier to handle. No matter what your spiritual path looks like there are incredible resources to make this goal a reality! Ways to support your spiritual growth and development in 2020 include: Meditation, reading books and articles about religion or spirituality, attending discussions and classes or finding groups that host regular meetings you can attend. Vision board inspirations for this goal include: images of religious relics and symbols, deities with whom you associate, and pictures of sacred spaces.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to set goals for 2020 that are in alignment with who you are and where you want to be in the new year! Share some of your New Year’s resolutions by leaving a comment below! And don’t forget to book a massage!

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