Massage for Live Music Lovers

There’s nothing quite like attending a live music event, you can become completely immersed in the music, letting it take over your body and mind. When you’re in that moment in front of the stage, dancing your heart out, jumping and swaying to the music, head-banging and maybe even moshing (depending on the show), you completely lose yourself and don’t really pay attention to the fact that you’re actually exercising and using your muscles in a way they aren’t used to. If you attend concerts you know all too well how your body can feel in the days following an amazing performance. The body aches and neck pain can be awful.

Blue October at the Truman in Kansas City, MO

Some of the physical “side-effects” of a “concert hangover” (whether you drink or not)

  • Muscle soreness
  • Sore Throat
  • Random Bruises
  • Feet Pain
  • Lower back pain

Luckily, there are things you can do before or after a performance to alleviate some of that discomfort!

  • Get a Massage! Before or after the show! Massage before or after physical excursions can cut down recovery time and the amount of muscle soreness, the increased blood flow from a massage can get your body healing in no time.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medications (with Dr. approval of course)
  • Drink plenty of water! Before, during and after the show.
  • Wear supportive shoes! You’re gonna be on your feet for quite a few hours, you wanna make sure you’re wearing shoes that keep you comfortable!

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your next show and keep your body in tip top shape so you can enjoy many more in the future! As a special offer to my fellow music lovers, I will be offering 10% off for all clients that can present a ticket stub, receipt or other proof of attending a live show within 30 days of their scheduled massage. Mention this blog post for an additional 5% off. Drop a comment below telling me about your favorite live music event or memory!

I’d love to hear your stories about live music events, your favorite artists, or just fun stories about live music! So please drop a comment below!

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